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Receive Copies of Fraudulent Tax Returns – What did thieves try to steal?

Receive Copies of Fraudulent Tax Returns – What did thieves try to steal? Taxpayers who are IRS identity thief victims have been long frustrated by their inability to see what thieves have filed under their Social Security Number. In a recent announcement, the IRS is now allowing taxpayers to obtain copies of these fraudulently filed tax returns Along with tax season comes the season of tax identification theft. Those who …Read More

IRS PIN Announcement: DO NOT THROW OUT Identity theft PINs are for 2015 not 2014

Recent notices sent out by the IRS for victims of identity theft refer to tax year 2014 in error. These one-time use PINs are for the 2015 tax year. Here is what you need to know. If you are one of the unfortunate victims of IRS identity theft you will need a one-time PIN to file your tax return. Without this numeric identifier your 2015 tax return will be rejected. …Read More

Double Check the Check

Double Check the Check – An idea to keep your tax life simple Following these tips when you receive a check from the Federal or State government can save you more head-aches than you can imagine. Tip: Double check the dollar amount of your refund check before you cash it. Make sure it matches the amount on your tax return. Tip: If you have a direct deposit of your refund, …Read More

IRS Identity Theft Season Begins Now

IRS Identity Theft Season Begins Now Be on your guard as the IRS identity theft season starts in late January. Here’s what you need to know. Each year thieves try to steal billions in Federal Withholdings by stealing your identity. As the IRS focuses more attention on this quickly growing problem, now is the time of year to be extra vigilant. Early tax filing season is the worst time Your …Read More