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Tax-Free Roth IRA Withdrawal Options

Tax-Free Roth IRA Withdrawal Options – What every Roth IRA account holder should know While Roth IRAs are funded in after-tax dollars, making a mistake on fund withdrawal could still subject you to tax and penalties on withdrawal of earnings. Here are some tips. You must take care to plan your retirement plan withdrawals to avoid a potential 10% early withdrawal penalty. Unfortunately, each retirement account type has different rules. …Read More

Tax-Free Rental Income

Did you know you can rent out your home or vacation property for up to 14 days and not need to claim the income? Here are some tax tips to take advantage of this opportunity. Most income you receive is taxable income that is reported to you and to the Federal/State tax authorities. However, there are a few income-producing events that the IRS has said are not taxable. One of …Read More