Non Profit and exempt organizations

We specialize in the needs of Non Profit organizations and the resulting (OMB) Circular A-133 that can occur.

Exempt organization Status application

We can help with the application process to the IRS in order to obtain and maintain the Exempt Status required by many Non Profits. It can be difficult to obtain if you are not sure about the paperwork and we are here to help.


With many of the Funding required to run a Non Profit there are strict compliance needs to both get the funding and to keep the funding available. At Hallmark CPA Group we have a vast experience in what is needed and the internal controls required to understand exactly what is required. Quite often even the documentation for the funding can be very daunting. Why not get the experts on your side to take the burden off your shoulders.


With Non Profits and DCAA compliance there are many specialized set up stages to ensure you can produce the reports that are needed and also user friendly for your Non Profit. Don’t rely on a Bookkeeper that may only be use to ‘For Profit’ set up. This is not the same. We can give training or can be used as a ‘Virtual Bookkeeper’ in order to produce the reports you need on a monthly basis and can save a lot of money compared to a full time specialist bookkeeper. You can be proud to know a CPA firm has your back when it comes to your Accounting and compliance needs.

Financial Audit and Single Audit

With the explosion of Non Profits, many CPA firms now say they work with Non Profits but do not have the experience or training that is needed to be a true Non Profit Specialist. We have led the Audit of Non Profits at the County Level not just City Level. This means we have audited the Clerk of the Circuit Courts, Sheriffs Office, Tax Collector, and various other constitutionals with revenues over a Billion dollars. Why not choose the CPA Firm with a proven track record.

The needs and regulations required for this type of audit are much greater than a standard audit and you deserve a firm that is dedicated to those requirements

We are active with many Non Profits in the Tampa Bay Community including the Non Profit Leaders of Tampa Bay and also the South Tampa Chamber of Commerce where we act as Treasurer. We have strong connections with the Non Profit community within Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg Florida.

We are also active members of the Guidestar community which gives Non Profits access to donor connections.

With the resources of Non Profits being ever more strict we focus on making sure your controls are reliable and your organization has the strength to succeed.